Health-e-NC, which stands for "Health for Everyone in North Carolina," is a statewide effort to improve cancer outcomes for the diseases that hit North Carolina's citizens the hardest. Cancer is the leading cause of death in NC and there are things we can do to lower risk. Sponsored by the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and the University Cancer Research Fund, Health-e-NC is aimed at finding out what really works in the areas of cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship and sharing those solutions across the state.

Health-e-NC aims to develop a state-of-the-art way to deliver and test interventions that:

  • Reduces cancer risk factors (tobacco use, dietary behavior, physical activity, obesity)
  • Increases cancer screening and referrals
  • Helps people make more informed decisions about prevention and treatment options
  • Increases uptake and maintenance of proven prevention, treatment and survivorship programs and strategies

Health-e-NC has two major components. A pilot research funding mechanism aims to support novel research proposals that focus on the development, implementation, evaluation or dissemination of interventions that will reduce the cancer burden in North Carolina.

The second component of Health-e-NC is a web portal, which serves as a venue for evaluating state-of-the-art health promotion and cancer prevention programs as well as for sharing evidence-based tools and materials. The first element developed for the portal is an online resource tool called CHART (Carolina Health Assessment and Resource Tool), an interactive online program that provides a core resource which facilitates standardized data collection of health behaviors and enhances behavior change interventions. CHART offers core modules and personalized, evidence-based and theory-guided feedback to reduce cancer risk factors. Over time we will add to this web portal and also develop mobile apps and resources to support optimizing cancer prevention, control, care and survivorship in our state.




Partnering with NC Community Colleges to Prevent Cancer

A new video features a Health-e-NC-funded planning grant. Conducted by Dr. Laura Linnan, the study formed a research partnership with the NC Community College system to understand their role in preventing cancer. NC has the 3rd largest community college system in the country serving over 850,000 students.

Health-e-NC pilot study conducted by Dr. Laura Linnan